Tale of Samantha

A Book by Eugenia Talbott Adderson

Image of Book Cover from 'Tale of Samantha' by Eugenia Talbott Adderson

The story is true and describes the day my son came home from fishing with an orphaned baby beaver. After visiting the vet, we decided the only thing we could do was take her home and hope for her survival. After a year and a half, not only did Samantha become a treasure to our family, but she was successfully returned to the wild.

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About the Artist

Picture of Artist Eugenia 'Genie' Talbott

Thousands of good painters create art on canvas. The art is often appealing, interesting, perhaps colorful - and if the artist is lucky, something about its style and execution silently speaks to someone who may want to hang it in a collection.

However, not every artist has the gift of creating outstanding art from a wide range of subjects. Here is an artist who does. Meet Eugenia Talbott, and look closely at the versatility represented in her work. See how portrayals of her beloved animals are so life-like, one can almost feel the animal's freedom of movement. Look and listen closely, and practically hear the haunting lyrics and music known commonly as “the Blues.” The faces of her family and friends make us want to claim them, too. It is, however, her depiction of animals that gets rave reviews.

Eugenia Talbott was once a breeder of Arabian horses, thus she captures not just the remarkable beauty of the Arabians but the spirit that sets them apart. One of her custom - designed and hand painted room divider screens now graces the private polo club of H.R.H., the Crown Prince of Johar, Malaysia. This is one of many customized room divider screens, which include reproductions of Talbott's original screen, now available in limited editions. See Wood Painted Panel Room Screens for more information.

Talbott is a native Mississippian, a fact not missed in her work. Her inspiration initially came from such diverse sources as the water of the Gulf of Mexico where she spent her childhood; the farm in Mayhew, Mississippi, which she shared with her two sons; the wizened faces of Mississippi Delta blues musicians; and her involvement in helping to save and protect exotic animals at Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary. The artist says that her love of the Gulf Coast region and later the rolling hills upstate have instilled in her a sense of place that is important to her work and to her soul, no matter where she is. Her native American South, however, represents just one facet of her work.

She travels extensively to find new subjects: North Africa, Europe, the Canadian Arctic, and Alaska. In Churchill, Manitoba, she lived briefly among the indigenous people to photograph, paint, and write. (The result: outstanding paintings of people, polar bears and muskox with a stronger commitment to pursue world portraiture and wildlife paintings.) “The quest for art and adventure has taken me to many stunning places in the world. My art continues to evolve and grow in the areas where I once traveled, and I continue to seek diverse paths and challenges. Oregon was my home and a glorious land to explore for several years, but I have returned south and now live in Germantown, Tennessee. My heart will always be with my family, friends, and the mythical and mysterious land and legends of the Deep South,” explains Talbott.

Talbott has completed her first novel entitled Exotic Calls, along with a children's book entitled Tale of Samantha. See sidebar at left for a description of this book. Contact Talbott for more information.

Text from “A Review of Southern Artists”
by Sylvia Higginbotham

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