Original African Themed Oil Paintings

Talbott's body of original art includes many areas of the world and its native people and wildlife, but it would be incomplete without her beloved African collection. Having traveled to Africa, she offers original paintings and fine art limited edition prints along with a selection of dramatic room divider screens depicting Africa's exotic wildlife. Her zebras mesmerize as they dance in play while the eye of a lone zebra holds the viewer in quite repose, the steady gaze of a lion leaves his world spellbound while a stealth leopard hides in a tree above, and the sun follows another day and sets on a mother cheetah and her cubs.

Understanding and technique shines through Talbott's paintings like a beacon. Not only does she capture Africa's wildlife, her heart stirs loudly for Africa's people. From the painting of a shy girl staring wide-eyed with wonder to a young boy and his goats, from young girls in tribal finery to faces veiled in blue shadows, Talbott's work speaks volumes to what she loves and holds sacred. Any one piece of her expertly created original paintings and commissioned works of art would thrill a collector. Contact the artist for a gift card to please that special one.

An avid supporter of Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Caledonia, Mississippi, certain paintings in Eugenia's collection include exotic cats who call the sanctuary home. In an effort to support the sanctuary's programs to rescue and provide safe refuge to big cats caught in the throes of the exotic animal trade, Talbott donates a percentage of her sales to Cedarhill. An example of one such animal is Siberian Majesty, a painting dedicated to the memory of Big Al, one of the sanctuary's twenty tigers. To learn more about Cedarhill, see their website at www.cedarhillanimalsanctuary.org. Talbott's novel, Exotic Calls, ready for release in 2013, gives a stunning account of the horrors and inhumane treatment that exists in the exotic animal world and pet trade. Browse her gallery to find that perfect work of art that speaks to you.