Painted Pets & Exotics

»Reviewed by Dog Fancy and previously featured in Sugar Hill Catalogue

Fine art with a touch of craft—these whimsical and colorful animals are versatile, cute, clever, and make great conversation pieces. “Painted Pets” are free standing pet portraits which may be used as decorative accessories, dummy boards (fireplace boards), door mounted designs, or doorstops—perfect for any room. For animal lovers who have wanted to immortalize their pets but didn’t know how, a “Painted Pet” may be just the answer. Talbott captures the twinkle of an eye, a certain tilt of the head, creating custom portraits of treasured family friends.

Each piece is hand painted on wood and signed by the artist, rendered from photographs and customized to specific pets—for example, the pet’s favorite toy or special pillow. The artist is happy to work with clients’ interior color schemes, often depicting pets on small colorful benches or oriental rugs.

For quotes, send a photo or call for further details.

Actual prices vary according to size and content.
Allow at least six weeks for delivery.